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Two little eggs
Rainbow Families Greece - Publishing projectsAsproulis (the “Little-White-One”) is a tiny white egg with huge questions: first of all, he wants to know what family he is going to be part of. His friend Kafetoula (the “Little-Brown-One”) tells him not to be scared and explains all possible family structures he can find himself into. Two Little Eggs written by Stella Belia and illustrated by Smaragda Magou, is the first ever Greek children’s book for families with LGBTQI parents.

This book was published by Rainbow Families Greece and talks about various families and much more; it also talks about the magic ingredient for any happy family… love.

Alice looks in the mirror
Rainbow Families Greece - Publishing projectsCould two gay dads be accepted as parents in the Greek context? No way!

This fairy tale is about Alice, a little disabled girl that is left at an institution with no hope to ever be adopted. Disabled children are not a priority for heteronormative families wishing to foster or adopt.
On the flipside, one may say that “disabled children should be given to gays, since no one else wants them”. There are many approaches to any text, yet we should stick with the idea that all children should be with families that give them unconditional love beyond norms. Norms are so restricting that they actually fit no one in the first place.

Little Family Stories
Rainbow Families Greece - Publishing projectsLittle Family Stories is a book for teenagers and adults. It comprises three short stories, one by August Corteau and two by Stella Belia.

The first one by Corteau is “The Five of Us”. It’s about a little girl raised by a family structure of two lesbians and two gay men.

The second story is “The Move” and it describes, in a humorous way, the interaction of a boy raised by a conservative heteronormative family with two other boys raised by two moms.

The third story, “Peter and the Wolf”, is about trans parenting. A trans parent describes the special parent-child relationship and how rejection turns into acceptance.

All our books aim to illustrate the wide range of family structures that can include children, and the fact that such children can be happy despite social stereotypes.

A big “Thank You” to Nikolas Lemos for his fundraising, and to all members and friends of Rainbow Families Greece for their contributions/donations that made publishing these books possible.

LGBTQI parents and school environment: A guide for preschool educators and teachers

Rainbow Families Greece - Publishing projectsAs part of the organization’s mobilization and activities, we created a guide for preschool educators and teachers with the aim of facilitating the cultivation of a more inclusive environment in the classroom.

The content was based on our collective experience as LGBTQI+ parents with children attending preschool and primary school as well as on material from similar guides created by LGBTQI+ organizations abroad.

You can download the above guide in Greek here.